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Warrior Girls




The Myth, Life, and Lies of Pete Rose

For the first time -- the truth of how a man who made himself an American hero ended up an American tragedy. Full of hard-hitting, news-making revelations, this investigative biography tells the real story of what happened and why the scandal should have been no surprise to anyone.

"A first-class work of sound reporting and balanced, piece-by-piece evidence and inescapable conclusions. It's the baseball book we've been awaiting."
-- Roger Angell, in The New Yorker

"Theodore Dreiser would have loved this story, but he could not have written it nearly so well . . . Sokolove is a natural literary stylist with the gifts of a social historian . . . This is a book for all seasons, not just summer."
--The New York Times

"Pete Rose used to brag that the only books he read were the several variations of the 'Pete Rose Story.' He could benefit from reading this one. In looking into the milieu of the player they called 'Charlie Hustle,' Sokolove has done us a favor - and, maybe, Rose, too."
--Wall Street Journal

"Sokolove (tells Pete Rose's story) the way I, and others who were there, remember it . . ."
--Jim Brosnan, in the Los Angeles Times

"Sokolove's new book needs to be distributed free at all ballparks."
-The Village Voice

"The man writes as well as Rose played."
--San Francisco Examiner

"Sokolove's Hustle provides a definitive account of one of the best-known baseball stories of recent years. This isn't the only account of the Pete Rose story you'll need, but it's an essential one."
--The Dickie Thon Fan Club Web site

Published by Fireside
January 1992/Paperback
ISBN: 0671759701

Published by Simon & Schuster
October 1990/Hardcover
ISBN: 0671695037

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